February 2018 Visa Bulletin – Check-in with Charlie Oppenheim, Department of State 

EB-1 India and EB-1 China.
Charlie expects these categories to remain current for the coming months, but the imposition of a final action date in the summer remains likely if the current rate of demand continues.

EB-2 Worldwide.
This category should remain current for the foreseeable future.

EB-2 and EB-3 China.
The February Visa Bulletin predicts that EB-2 China will continue to advance at a rate of “(s)everal months.” Charlie clarified that this means advancement at a rate of two to three months, noting that EB-2 China may move at a faster pace to generate demand. EB-3 China is predicted to advance at a pace of “(u)p to five months.” Charlie advised that EB-3 China will likely continue to advance at a faster pace than EB-2 China.

EB-2 India. Given heavy demand, the February Visa Bulletin predicts modest forward movement for EB-2 India at a rate of “(u)p to two weeks.”

EB-3 India. The February Visa Bulletin predicts forward movement in this category at a pace of one to three months.

EB-3 Philippines. Demand in this category is comfortable, but not extremely high, which means there is less room to advance this date significantly.

Family-Based Categories

The February Visa Bulletin includes predictions for Worldwide family-based cases, with FB-1 Worldwide advancing at a pace of up to one month, FB-2A Worldwide advancing three to five weeks, FB-3 Worldwide advancing up to five weeks, and FB-4 worldwide advancing up to three weeks.

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