Potential Monthly Movement through May 2019

Family-Based Preference Categories:

Worldwide dates (except oversubscribed countries):

FB-1: Up to 5 weeks
FB-2A: Up to 1 month
FB-2B: Up to 2 months
FB-3: Up to 2 weeks
FB-4: Up to 6 weeks

Employment-Based Preference Categories:

Employment First (EB-1):
Worldwide: Up to 2 months
China and India: Up to 1 month

Employment Second (EB-2):
Worldwide: Current for the foreseeable future
China: Up to 3 months

Employment Third (EB-3):
Worldwide: Current
China: Up to 3 weeks
India: Up to 3 months
Mexico: Current
Philippines: Rapid movement to generate demand

Employment Fourth (EB-4):
Worldwide: Current
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras: Up to 1 week
Mexico: Rapid forward movement until per country limit is reached

Employment Fifth (EB-5):
Worldwide: Current
China-mainland born: Up to 1 week
Vietnam: Up to 3 weeks

Members may wonder why EB-2 Worldwide would remain current “for the foreseeable future” while EB-3 Worldwide would simply be “current.” According to Charlie, both categories will remain current through May 2019 and are likely to remain current throughout this fiscal year. As a Final Action Date was imposed for EB-2 Worldwide during the last fiscal year, Charlie wanted to underscore the fact that based on current demand trends, he does not anticipate a Final Action Date will be imposed for EB-2 Worldwide during FY19. However, if USCIS demand significantly increases in the coming months, there is always the possibility that a Final Action Date will be imposed, in EB-2 Worldwide, or any other category.

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