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Non-Immigrant Visa Attorney

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

L-1 Intracompany Transferees

L-1 nonimmigrant visas are for foreign nationals who need to be transferred to the U.S. by a foreign employer to work for a related U.S. entity as an executive, manager, or specialized knowledge employee.

H-1B Specialty Occupations

H-1B nonimmigrant visas are for professionals who want to temporarily work in the U.S. in “specialty” occupations.

TN NAFTA Professionals

TN nonimmigrants are Canadian or Mexican citizens seeking to temporarily enter the U.S. to engage in business activities at a professional level.

R-1 Religious Workers

R-1 nonimmigrant religious workers include ministers.

Student to employment visa, f-1 to h-1b visa

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