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November 2019 Visa Bulletin News

Department of State’s Charlie Oppenheim’s Comments on November 2019 Visa Bulletin


The Employment-Based 1st preference categories (EB-1) will continue to advance at the pace previously reported, i.e.,  up to three months for EB-1 Worldwide (including El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Mexico, Philippines, and Vietnam) and EB-1 Chinaand little if any forward movement for EB-1 India at least through January.


Since EB-1 China and EB-1 India will be subject to their per country limits in the foreseeable future, the only possibility of more rapid movement in these categories is if demand for visas in EB-1 Worldwide and other categories were to fall below that allowed under the overall annual limit.


EB-1 worldwide is experiencing low demand which could lead to a return to “current” at some point this fiscal year.


EB-2 Worldwide (including EB-2 El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, EB-2 Mexico, EB-2 Philippines, and EB-2 Vietnam) remains current for November and is expected to remain current for the foreseeable future.


Charlie still expects EB-3 Worldwide (including EB-3 El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, EB-3 Mexico, and EB-3 Vietnam) to remain current through at least January.

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